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[Accepted]Drelanaya - Ele/Resto Shaman (Will respec as needed)

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[Accepted]Drelanaya - Ele/Resto Shaman (Will respec as needed)

Post  Drelanaya on Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:12 am

Character Name: Drelanaya

Level: 60

Class: Shaman

Specialization: Elemental / Resto 30/0/21

Age: 24

Occupation: Graduate Student

Location: Denver, CO

Expand on your talent build(s), gear/stat choices and consumable preferences. Sources of tests and theorycrafting are especially valued here. Also provide links to the talent builds you choose to expand on: Currently itemized as an Ele Shaman. 5/8 Elements set including Chest and head. Using Headmaster's Charge staff. Alternate between DPS and heals depending on 5/10 man group needs and have no trouble healing solo in 5 mans even with this spec. Will need to pickup some additional Spellhit gear if I will be sticking to Ele for raids. +85 spelldmg 3270hp/5720mana unbuffed. Farm dark runes/Major mana to makeup for shamans lack of mana management in extended fights as I am currently not itemized for a mp5 setup. I can work on that if needed. Feel comfortable healing in raids as resto with my current item setup (with the right consumables). Heavy on the int light on the mp5 gear.

Provide a picture of your UI and expand on your choices of addons, keybinds and configuration/disposition: Perl Unit Frams/Bartender/Atlas/CT Raid/etc.

Computer and internet specifications (this includes relevant clock speeds):
2009 Acer Laptop. No issues.
CPU: Intl Core Duo @1.40 GHZ
GPU: Integrated
Memory: 4GB
Boot Drive/Speed:
OS: Vista Home 64bit

Bandwidth Upload: 4MB/sec
Bandwidth Download: 18MB/sec
Wired/Wireless: Wired
Stability: Super stable

What is your past PvE experience? Played WoW from launch. Most extensive PvE experience is with Safety (applicant/rl buddy) through MC and BWL. First guild/server I rocked a hunter in MC. Rerolled at one point and continued to progress further to full BWL clears as a warlock. Very knowledgeable of the content and with Vanilla wow in general (the bulk of my wow was played back then). Limited experience with TBC, had some forays into Karazhan but limited end-game experience. Pure Vanilla wow player. Have played every class extensively at one point or another in PvE and PvP and understand the mechanics behind each class very very well.

What is your past PvP experience? TARREN MILL! Pre- BGs experience, full experience with each BG in vanilla. Pretty successful arena player as well in TBC with Nubre and Safety (I believe we rocked a druid/rogue combo and a druid/mage combo). Also substantial experience with warlock in arenas. Nubre and made it a habit on our old server to routinely kill ppl in Org AH with rogue alts just for fun Very Happy Know what I'm doing.

Do you have any other notable gaming experience? WoW has absorbed the majority of my focus when it comes to high end challenging content when it comes to gaming. Mess around on CoDuty with Safety and Nubre a bit, as well as Left for Dead/Mass Effect etc. Played Guild Wars briefly with Safety. Also played Warhammer a bit with Nubre.

Do you have any experience in leadership or held a role of special responsibility in any type of organization (including other WoW guilds)? Limited leadership role in endgame 40 mans. 2nd in command of our lock core and myself and another lock directed much of the ranged dps in the guild during MC/BWL.

Why did you choose Clutch? I've grouped with a number of clutch guys before in 5 mans and you guys seem to know what you're doing. Looking to progress through MC/BWL and you guys are doing just that. I can fill in whatever role you need me at. Also have a 60 lock alt that I could work on if thats something you guys are more interested.

Why should Clutch choose you? I know what I'm doing. Plenty of experience through MC/BWL, I know every class inside and out, and I know what it takes to be a successful contributor to endgame content. Consistently top dps charts in groups as ele shaman and very competent healer if needed.

Is there anybody in the guild who would be willing to vouch for you? Nubre, for sure. I believe I've also grouped with a number of your tanks in 5 mans and pvp'd with a number of your players in the recent wsg/abs.

What hours are you able to play? Very flexible hours. Night classes over the next few weeks so I can be online for raid times no problem even from Mountain Time US. May be moving to Germany in the Fall which will put me even more on your schedule.

Is there anything that could impede on your availability to raid (sports, vacations...)? Not really.

Have you read and understood all the guild rules?[img][/img] THE DINGO IS FRISKY


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Re: [Accepted]Drelanaya - Ele/Resto Shaman (Will respec as needed)

Post  Sindrac on Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:05 pm

Accepted as Restoration. Whisper me in game.

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