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[Accepted]Warrior Path!

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[Accepted]Warrior Path!

Post  villelejonet on Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:26 am

Character Name: Path
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Tank,communtication
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Location: Sweden

Expand on your talent build(s), gear/stat choices and consumable preferences. Sources of tests and theorycrafting are especially valued here. Also provide links to the talent builds you choose to expand on:

Well since im just level 42 i cant really, but when i get to 60 i'm to get alot of armor,str,stamina and also resistence gear for diffrent bosses!
Right now im arms since im just levling but i will look up at good prot spec when i get to 60!

Provide a picture of your UI and expand on your choices of addons, keybinds and configuration/disposition:

----------aint 60! but soon Smile---------

Computer and internet specifications (this includes relevant clock speeds):

CPU:3.2 GHz
GPU: GTX 460
Memory: 4 GB
Boot Drive/Speed: 500 g Western / 7200 RMP
OS: Windows 7

Bandwidth Upload: 3 Mbit
Bandwidth Download: 15 Mbit
Wired/Wireless: Wired
Stability: 15 ms

What is your past PvE experience?

I was very young during Vanilla wow but ive cleared everything in all the other expansions, even tho Wotlk was easy I was in a hardcore guild and we raided everything in Heroic before the nerf!

What is your past PvP experience?

Was a very long time ago i played 60 but in all the other expansions ive been at 2000k rating in Arena, but i totalty love the pvp in 60!

Do you have any other notable gaming experience?

Im Diamond in Starcraft 2 which means I have easy to improve in games and i can handle stress alot.

Do you have any experience in leadership or held a role of special responsibility in any type of organization (including other WoW guilds)?

I was a Main raider as highest but never a officer or anything like that in WoW.

Why did you choose Clutch?

This guild is the only one i can see have a future on this server and i like the serious stuff going on!

Why should Clutch choose you?

Because im a serious raider and i have allways a good mod!
I play alot and im use to hardcore raiding and i dont stop because whipes!
I like progressing alot and this its fun that's why i think vanilla suits me since its very skilled based game!

Is there anybody in the guild who would be willing to vouch for you?

No unfortnely Sad

What hours are you able to play?

I looked up ur raiding times and they suit me very well!

Is there anything that could impede on your availability to raid (sports, vacations...)?

I guess my motorcross could come between but if it does i will make sure u will know long time ago!

Have you read and understood all the guild rules? the dingo is frisky


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Re: [Accepted]Warrior Path!

Post  Orby on Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:01 am

Thank you for your application, Path. We'd be happy to take you in on a trial period. Whisper Nozz, Brainstorm, Instinct or Sindrac in-game for an invite, and feel free to join our mumble server to which the info is found here on the forum.

Accepted, Orby.

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