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Logging into mumble on multiple computers, a guide

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Logging into mumble on multiple computers, a guide

Post  Qweh on Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:56 am

How to use the same mumble username on different computers

The following steps will allow you to connect to mumble from multiple computers using the same username:

Start on the computer you registered with the mumble server on.

Mumble > Configure > Certificate Wizard.

Choose Export Certificate.

Click Save As.

Save the file to somewhere you'll remember (Desktop, My Documents etc), name it anything you like but remember what it is.

(Optional: Upload the certificate file (.p12) you just saved to somewhere you can access online such as dropbox, but make sure access to it is passworded).

Make sure you do not host/give out/leave this file anywhere publicly, this file is effectively your mumble password.

Transfer the certificate file (.p12) to the machine you want to connect on.

Mumble > Configure > Certificate Wizard.

Choose Import Certificate.

Open the certificate (.p12) file you copied over.

Click Next, Next and Finish.

Log in to mumble under your registered name.

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