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[Accepted]Resto / Ele shaman

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[Accepted]Resto / Ele shaman

Post  romeyo on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:02 am

Character Name: Levels
Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration / Elemental
Age: 19
Occupation: Just graduated and that's my excuse for being unemployed.
Location: Sweden

Expand on your talent build(s), gear/stat choices and consumable preferences. Sources of tests and theorycrafting are especially valued here. Also provide links to the talent builds you choose to expand on:
As resto - I'm looking for gear with most intellect, mp5 comes in 2nd hand and bonus healing is third. I know where all the best in slot items pre-raid are located except gloves. The neck and the beasts deck trinket from darkmoon faire is really good.

Provide a picture of your UI and expand on your choices of addons, keybinds and configuration/disposition:
I'm currently trying out different unitframes but for now;
Omni CC
Healer Assist
KLH-Threat meter
Move Anything

Computer and internet specifications (this inludes relevant clock speeds):

CPU: Intel Core i3 550@3.2GHz
GPU: NVidia GeForce GT 320
Memory: 4gb RAM
Boot Drive/Speed:
OS: Windows 7

Bandwidth Upload: 10mb/s
Bandwidth Download: 100mb/s
Wired/Wireless: Wired
Stability: 20ms

What is your past PvE experience?
In vanilla I was playing Warrior tank, just ZG MC Onyxia. Nothing special in TBC. In Wotlk it was everything from Ulduar hard modes to ToGC 10 HC. In Cata I started playing disc priest but I were only doing standard raids like FL.

What is your past PvP experience?
Highest rating I got to was between 2300-2400 2v2/3v3

Do you have any other notable gaming experience?
1700 MMR Heroes of Newerth! Very Happy

Do you have any experience in leadership or held a role of special responsibility in any type of organization (including other WoW guilds)?

Why did you choose Clutch?
The reason is because you have a high influence on the server, the server 'd be dead without Clutch on horde side. That's why I'd die to be a part of you!!

Why should Clutch choose you?
I'm a polite, dedicated person. I also consider myself as intelligent, mature player. I hope these points shows who I really am and that I'm a serious guy.

Is there anybody in the guild who would be willing to vouch for you?
Tonylie but he's just trial Smile

What hours are you able to play?
Monday-Thursday during 19:00-04:00 I'm on but sometimes all day.

Is there anything that could impede on your availability to raid (sports, vacations...)?
Stopped playing football last winter and no money for vacations considering I have no job..

Have you read and understood all the guild rules?
The dingo is frisky man



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Re: [Accepted]Resto / Ele shaman

Post  Orby on Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:52 am

Accepted on trial, whisper Sindrac or Nozz in-game for a trial invite. Welcome to Clutch!

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