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[Declined]Derpus-Marksman hunter

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[Declined]Derpus-Marksman hunter

Post  derpus on Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:15 am

Class: Hunter
Specialization: Marksman 9/36/6 (not really a solid build atm will change)
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Location: Sweden

Expand on your talent build(s), gear/stat choices and consumable preferences. Sources of tests and theorycrafting are especially valued here. Also provide links to the talent builds you choose to expand on:
My gear isnt the best I guess, but im working on it! I have only been 60 for a couple of days on this server. I havnt really used theorycrafting that much. Other then a few changes to be done with my talents, Im pretty happy with em.
As for consumable I use elixir of the mongoose and scroll of agility.

Provide a picture of your UI and expand on your choices of addons, keybinds and configuration/disposition:
I use xperl and bongos atm. I do have loads of addons unactive at the moment though (from an addon pack with the most famous addons, that I remember from retail vanilla WoW.
keybinds: F1-8 1-9 + macro mouse buttons
Computer and internet specifications (this inludes relevant clock speeds):

Boot Drive/Speed:
OS:Windows Vista 64bit

Bandwidth Upload: 10 Mbit/sec
Bandwidth Download: 100 Mbit/sec
Wired/Wireless: Wired
Stability: Very good connection stability, with a few exception when there's bad weather outside etc.

What is your past PvE experience?
I've been playing retail wow ever since I was a little kid starting with vanilla, of course. During that time I've been raiding in most of the expantions. I got to raid most of BWL in retail wow and I've cleared it on Scriptcraft before they died.

What is your past PvP experience?
I havnt been playing that much pvp other than a lil bit in vanilla.

Do you have any other notable gaming experience?

Do you have any experience in leadership or held a role of special responsibility in any type of organization (including other WoW guilds)?
I have lead a few raids, both in retail wow(not vanilla though). However I did lead a few raids in scriptcraft guild, not to any major raids, just AQ20 and ZG.
Why did you choose Clutch?
You seem like a good, serious guild and I would love to progress alongside with you guys.

Why should Clutch choose you?
I am reliable player, who knows what has to be done, and im a very social guy. I like to come along for fun, not for loot. I am not afraid of wipefests either for the sake of progress.

Is there anybody in the guild who would be willing to vouch for you?
Yes, Riggat .
What hours are you able to play?
I am mostly active during the evening, probably at about 17:00ish +01:00 GMT til however late I wish.

Is there anything that could impede on your availability to raid (sports, vacations...)?
Yes, if I am about to go on vacation I'll let you guys know in forehand of course, but it might happend. However a much more likeley senario is that on certain days(not very often) I might have to pass on a raid to study for upcoming tests/exsams.
Have you read and understood all the guild rules?
Yes I have.


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Re: [Declined]Derpus-Marksman hunter

Post  Orby on Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:54 am

Declined, good luck finding another guild.

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